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koyu’s personal space

Hi, I’m koyu usually and I am a programmer located in Northern Germany establishing internet services for you and your friends.


I’m the benevolent dictator for life of koyu.space and its services
I made a browser to browse Gemini and Gopher
I host Gemini sites for other people
…and also host a radio show on tilderadio


The ly display manager
Why I quit playing Apex Legends
Why I like the fediverse
Exploring Gemini
Why the “1” as favicon?
The power of decentralization
Rambling about Linux vs. Windows
How to plan and host a Mastodon instance
How to compile butt on Solus

About me

I am also on Tilderadio with my rock show every Thursday at 18:00 UTC.


I’m most active over on Telegram, Fediverse and via E-Mail and you can reach me best between 10 and 22 in CET/CEST. Please wait a few hours for a response as I have a lot of people messaging me. I answer every friend request on the Xbox network, but only favourite people I already met.


I have an Xbox Series S, click below to visit the Xbox Portal to see what games I own and what I have around here

Xbox Portal

Instance Recommendations

Full list as CSV file
How to get listed

Capsules from friends, family or acquaintances

Chris Were
Friendo aka Drew