Hi, I'm koyu (usually called Leonie in real life) and a programmer currently located in northern Germany establishing free software services for you and your friends.

Some random facts about me

  • Is 20 years old
  • Likes computers and anything above
  • Can read out Brathering without pronouncing it in English
  • Speaks German and English fluently and can read and understand romanic languages like Spanish, French or Italian
  • Can walk for a couple of hours without being exhausted
  • Listens to any music style
  • My brain might crash randomly, because it runs Windows. Sad.
  • Can program in the devil's programming language: JavaScript

Hobbies outside of the computer things

  • Making and listening to music
  • Doing art
  • Reading books
  • Cycling
  • Running

Things worth reading, watching and listening to

All videos are linked to invidio.us, because YouTube isn't private.


I worked on a bunch of projects including

Also I did the following things for some other people

  • An Alexa skill for a podcast
  • A small Android app
  • A Raspberry Pi information screen where you can add more content via an SMB share and Excel spreadsheets

Tools used for creating this website

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Screen
  • Linux
  • Mate
  • ...and a lot of time

Things I'm currently doing

  • Current music obsession: Madeon - Mania
  • Currently reading: Permanent Record by Edward Snowden
  • Currently coding: A Habbo-like fediverse client
  • Currently playing with: My brandnew Nokia 2 (2018)
  • Currently watching: The End of the F***ing World, Living With Yourself, Jessica Jones, explained, Baby, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Orange Is The New Black

Why are you not tracking me?

I think no one should be tracked by large corperations, be it the internet or the real life. It's just creepy. That's it.

Contact me

There are only a few ways to contact me (for privacy reasons)