Hi, I'm koyu (usually called Leonie in real life) and a programmer currently located in northern Germany establishing free software services for you and your friends.

Some random facts about me

  • Living on planet earth in Germany
  • Got autism
  • Is really good in doing computer stuffs
  • Can be sometimes a little bit weird (if you don't mind)
  • The cutest person you ever saw
  • Is 20 years old
  • Sometimes a little bit anxious, but this is okay
  • Can steal your cookies (is this an anti-feature?)


I worked on a bunch of projects including

Also I did the following things for some other people

  • An Alexa skill for a podcast
  • A small Android app
  • A Raspberry Pi information screen where you can add more content via an SMB share and Excel spreadsheets

Contact me

There are only a few ways to contact me (for privacy reasons)