Shifting to a more minimal life with the Punkt. MP02

Published 2024-01-30 | Written by koyu | Tags: rlphones

I just shut down every server I own, got rid of any messaging app that was too much and really drove everyone to Signal. Yes, I like Signal again, it’s a reliable service and I think the Punkt. MP02 will be the device that will surely complete my last task of the mission. The mission to make my life less dependant on technology. So why trusting your phone when you can and make it a tethering device for your ThinkPad instead?

I have minimized the amount of apps on my iPhone already and will continue to do so until I collected every single-use device for that shift towards a more technology-free world. This doesn’t mean I cannot sit down and answer e-mails and Discord pings afterwards, I will take my time every evening for that, but I will not answer anything else than my phone during work hours, because that’s pretty much the only way to tell me that your matter is important for me. Also I kind of want to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle, because it seems to have made my life much more happier.

Right now my online banking needs a TAN device and I also have to order a chip card for the train subscription so I can successfully complete my mission. Once those two things are out of the way I can slowly shift to the Punkt. MP02 by the end of the year. This device will only allow me to make and receive phone calls, send and receive SMS, the same things for Signal and an option to tether my current connection to my backpack ThinkPad. I carry it around anywhere anyway so why not use it on the go?

In the meantime I will get used to that more minimal lifestyle as it’s healthier for me. Also I don’t have many meltdowns as I used to, not sinking into TikTok all day really helps my mental health. You should try that as well. Shut off your phone for a while and see what the world has to offer.

As the founder of Punkt. already said:

If anyone wants to talk to me, they can give me a call. Other forms of communication, for example email or social media, are available when I choose to use them – and via a linked device that allows me to use them more effectively.

And I really share the same vision. I will answer you when I chose that it’s best for me, not the other way around. Otherwise, just give me a call.