Privacy policy

Leonie ❤️ Privacy

I think privacy is an important right that anyone should have. I try my best to keep the external services to a minimum without compromising on ease of use. This document describes where you might encounter external services and how these are being used to keep this website secure, make it work or defend my rights in case things get bad. I also hate to make a privacy policy long and complicated to understand, so I try to keep it short and nifty.


Netlify is the hosting provider of this website. They will log every request including your user agent, IP address and other information your browser sends to the service. They will also receive a copy of the information you submit through the contact form and send that information to my email address. You can find their privacy policy at is the email provider for They store all my emails, including those you send using the contact form. Their privacy policy is available at


Cloudflare protects this website from hacker attacks and allows us to see how many people view which site to improve the user experience. It also caches media like images, videos etc. for faster access using their CDN service. Just like Netlify they will also log every request and on top of that may present you a captcha or browser integrity challenge before you can access this website to keep bots or spammers outside. Their privacy policy is at


When you load a post a comment form will be loaded alongside it which is from Just as above your browser will send information to Commento. Commento also might store a session cookie on your device to retain session information. Their privacy policy can be found at


This website uses cookies to keep the site secure or store your session. We will not store any tracking cookies or show ads.

If you have an issue with the website and want to resolve it or want to view any information I retain about you, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or use the contact form. I hope we can quickly resolve this issue together.