Getting the Corona Warn-App (and similar) to run on /e/OS

Published 2021-05-26 | Written by koyu | Tags: phonescovid

Some of you already heard that I use /e/OS as a daily driver now. /e/OS is an operating system for mobile phones (a few of them to be precise) made by the /e/ foundation. Unlike traditional mobile operating systems like Android or iOS the whole thing doesn’t track you. I think your phone should be your phone and not Google’s or Apple’s. Recently after seeing the video by Laura and Aral I immediately noticed that other than iOS my other option towards a privacy-friendly, but low-cost mobile device would be /e/OS.

So how do I install my COVID-19 tracking app?

Here in Germany we have an app that’s called the Corona Warn-App, yours may be called differently, but the process is the same for every other app.

To get started you do these steps (assuming you got /e/OS installed):

  1. Unlock your phone
  2. Swipe to the App store and tap the icon
  3. Then you tap categories
  4. If you are in the categories view you now scroll down and tap System apps
  5. Afterwards you hit “Install” on the only app that’s there called “microG Exposure Notifications”
  6. Then go back and hit the search icon and search for your desired COVID-19 tracking app made by your government and hit install there
  7. Go to settings, system, microG and tap “Exposure Notifications” and enable it
  8. Launch your COVID-19 tracking app and set it up.

You are now helping you and others detecting COVID-19 in your area! 🎉