Germany hates the AfD

Published 2024-01-20 | Written by koyu | Tags: afdpoliticsprotestrl

As many of you have seen I have a banner on top asking you to protest against fascism in Germany. I want to briefly explain what this all means and why this is important.

The rise of fascism in Germany…in the 21st century

The AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) is a right-wing political party with extremist members. They are present in parliament (Bundestag) which makes that one even further dangerous. Through social media right-wing views are being presented harmlessly and empowers fascism to grow. As of previous I stated that in order for a democracy to function we need social media that also ensures that it won’t prefer fascist content over anything else, that would be dangerous. The problem is the AfD is pretty succesful with that with polls stating that if they get voted today it would put them at ~20% seats. This is really frighting, because Germany already had a huge history with fascism. Of course there is laws in place that schools have to teach people about the Holocaust, but that doesn’t stop people wanting to vote for a fascist party.

Protesting means a problem is important to you

I urge everyone in Germany to attend at the protests so we can show people that people who don’t like the AfD are more people than just a few fascists trying to undermine democracy and effectively reinforcing a new Third Reich.