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What happens if Twitter implemented ActivityPub or "It's actually a good thing if Twitter implemented ActivityPub"

Dec 21, 2019

Wednesday, April 15 2020

It's my 21st birthday and I'm waking up like usual and go to work. Once I come back home everyone I like is standing in my room and we had a big birthday party. But something is odd. I go to my computer, turn it on and wait a minute for it to boot up, open up a browser and open up My whole timeline is freaking out, everyone is talking about that Twitter implemented ActivityPub and therefore everyone on Twitter was suddendly able to communicate with my users on I shouted "Fuck, Twitter implemented ActivityPub" and the music stopped. Everyone around me was quiet for a couple of seconds until the music turned back on and everyone was cheering that Twitter finally did one thing right then what will happen next is actually a good thing which I will explain below.

Thursday, April 16 2020

With the hangover from yesterday's birthday party I woke up and went to my computer to check my notifications. Everyone was freaking out and I got a bunch of warnings how bad Twitter could be and everything so I just sat down, opened up the moderation queue: empty, I went to the accounts tab and filtered by domain "": everything looked clean. My mouth moved silently with the words "What the fuck?" and I just waited for some more days for my server to seed all accounts from Twitter.

Monday, April 20 2020

I woke up, went to work like usual and came back home and opened up in my browser between a news article about that Twitter implemented ActivityPub and some Rule34 for me to post. So I went through all the work to find and eliminate bad behaving Twitter users or other controversial figures like Donald Trump. I didn't ban the controversial figures though, I just muted them, because sometimes it's just useful if you want to see what they did wrong today. I couldn't activate authorized_fetch_mode, because that would break a lot of compatibility with Keybase and especially Twitter. So I just continue to filter out all the bad guys on Twitter until I got a clean enough view of what's really happening. I thought "This method is far better than anything else people did, because I would essentially keep the important people from Twitter and ban all the bad guys and it wouldn't cost me that much work, because Mastodon was designed not to federate with everyone when a new server emerges except if you would activate relays."

Tuesday, May 12 2020

I saw a couple of people joining all of the sudden. Someone on Twitter screwed up again, but since no one really needs Twitter to still communicate with the people over there people were just going to the next Mastodon instances around them. Since I am listed on everyone could see me instantly and join my server. I filtered out all the bad guys and spam for a couple of days and then everything was still fine. Since Twitter introduced ActivityPub into their software it benefited everyone and actually made a lot of people switch to Mastodon. Twitter even went so far and actually started an advertisement campaign on Twitter to make people have a look at all the other softwares implementing ActivityPub, especially Pleroma and Mastodon. It was like the kickstart into a new world, a new internet with new faces.

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