Statement on current moderation policies at koyu.space

Jun 24, 2019

I have two moderators that are on my instance though it’s a relatively small one. This is at least better than having to deal with this alone and manually going to the admin panel and block these servers out. In the end I’m responsible for my server and have the last word. I think signing off a server block is easier for now until major mobile apps like Tusky implement the Moderation API that came some days ago

Creating whitelists accidentally defederates your server and is creating a new counter.social. I think the federation part is important for mastodon and blocklists you could easily import into your postgresql database are the way to go for now until there’s a UI for it. People just have to work on it. Sadly i only have too little experience on how the Mastodon codebase works.

Discussion at https://koyu.space/web/statuses/102322265194664716