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Instance recommendations

This is a list of instances I will recommend and meet all my requirements to be a good and welcoming space while having common sense.

Requirements to be listed

  • Your instance is older than six months (can’t be checked that easily, so I just take when the domain for the instance has been registered)
  • You don’t block too many instances so that it makes it harder for your users to communicate
  • Either you openly publish your blocklist or tell me who you blocked. Again, I want people to communicate.
  • The admins are easily reachable and users can come to them whenever they have a problem and get on-point answers to their problems. A user forum would be nice, but not necessary.
  • You are 100% sure your instance will live on for a long period of time
  • Regular backups of user data or any other data safety measures
  • GDPR compliant (e.g. no Google Analytics and allowing users to request or delete their data, hosting preferably EU-based)
  • Transport layer security (TLS) so packets are safe and sound when being in transit (this doesn’t mean admins or law enforcement are not permitted to read your messages, if you want safe communication use an encrypted messaging service like Element)
  • You guarantee a certain amount of uptime (ideally >90%)
  • Your instance shouldn’t be too generalist that it’d look plain and boring ( and you are sadly out of luck here)
  • Your instance should have less than 50k users so they are spread out evenly (who’s gonna pay for all that bandwidth)
  • Your instance should stand out from the mass (theme it, add mods..whatever you feel like)
  • Data mining is a big no-no which also includes selling user data to Facebook. Stop it, it’s disgusting. This is why we are on the fediverse.
  • Your instance can run any software (Pleroma, Misskey, Mastodon, …)
  • Must have open registrations (invite-only or manual approval okay)
  • Shouldn’t be a single user instance

Instance list

InstanceDescriptionModeration policiesSpecial kinksInstance banner/logo/admin icon
fedi.absturztau.bePleroma: An efficient and flexible fediverse serverBlocks known bad actors, don’t be stupid, tag your stuff etc.Generalist Pleroma instance with cat ears and other fun custom mods
cdrom.tokyoFloppy outdatedDoesn’t block anything, don’t be stupid, tag your stuff etc.The answer to Pleroma instance with custom Vaporwave-styled theme.
raru.reA cool community, I guess.Blocks known bad actors, don’t be stupid, tag your stuff etc.Mastodon instance by the owner of Tries to bring back all the old niu memories. Also with custom theme.
koyu.spaceWe host free internet services for you and your friendsBlocks Gab and other known bad actors, don’t be stupid, tag your stuff etc.glitch-soc instance with custom mods and themes. 16384 characters and friendly people.
qoto.orgQOTO: Question Others to Teach Ourselves. A STEM-oriented instance.Only mutes and ussr.winSTEM-oriented instance with own custom mods. Also perfect for writers, because of the character limit (65535).
ieji.deieji is romaji for 家(house)路(street), together it means “the way home / a home / homeland”Blocks Gab and other known bad actors, don’t be stupid, tag your stuff etc.Generalist Mastodon instance from Germany. Uses FOSS whenever possible. Can be accessed via Tor.
social.tchncs.deOne of the first Mastodon instances, there is no specific topic we’re into, just enjoy your time!Blocks Gab and other known bad actors, don’t be stupid, tag your stuff etc.Big generalist instance from Germany. One of the first few Mastodon instances.
cybre.spacecybrespace: the social hub of the information superhighwayProbably blocks known bad actors, don’t be stupid, tag your stuff etc.Glitchy-hackery instance style. Can also count themselves to the “first few”, an instance for blobcats (blobfoxes are ok too)Blocks instances that do active harm to their users, don’t be stupid, tag your stuff, etc.Blobcat-themed Pleroma instance. Very friendly community.
lets.bemoe.onlineGNU/moe dimension of the moeverseDoesn’t block anything, don’t be stupid, tag your stuff, etc.Moe-themed Pleroma instance. Probably the cutest thing I’ve seen.

I will probably add more instances to this list. If you know more instances that meet the above requirements and should be listed let me know at