In the beginning koyu created the blog and the social network

Dec 31, 2019

2010: I made a blog (jeainstueck) where I post random thoughts to

2011: My blog had the first posts containing media and I learned how to do HTML, CSS and JS

March 2012: The blog was split up in the blog itself and another blog containing more real-life blog posts (jHome)

August 2012: I closed down my blog and switched over the real-life one and also began making my own podcast (PixelCast)

2013: My first social network launched (called jWork at the time) that came bundled with jHome (which was the "koyu.space" at the time) and I also closed down my podcast

2014: My social network eventually began as it's own little site and jHome broke up into a GitHub-hosted personal page

2015: The first prototype of koyu.space named "Koyuston" was created and jWork was eventually deleted

2016: The koyu.space domain name was registered and contained my personal website that I hosted on GitHub at that time

2017: Koyuston was broken up into "koyu.space Social" and was eventually renamed to "koyu.space" becoming the core service

2018: I began hosting more than a Mastodon instance and copied over all my GitHub projects onto my own server when Microsoft bought GitHub and began hosting a Matrix instance which I scrapped later on. I also got full IPv6 support working across all servers.

2019: I re-introduced my Matrix instance and also opened up a Minecraft server and also introduced the first few things that come bundled with koyu.space (Nordcast and the merch store respectively) and eventually opened up Nordcast to support more than just koyu.space

2020: Stay tuned, I'm currently thinking about making a messaging app utilizing the fediverse which actually should've become a pull-request for Mastodon (but we know Eugen already) and/or fixing up some bugs with my MikeOS distribution BreezeOS that is basically everything that I found frustrating about MikeOS as a seperate project because if you can't work on it then fork it

Thanks for reading and see ya in the next decade