Photo by Marcela Laskoski / Unsplash

How to compile butt on Solus

Jul 23, 2020

This is a small tutorial on how I got butt (broadcast using this tool) working on Solus.

First download the source code from here:
and extract it. Now navigate to that folder with your terminal and issue the following commands in that folder.

Install compiler and dependencies:

sudo eopkg install -c system.devel

sudo eopkg install libogg-devel libvorbis-devel lame-devel libflac-devel portaudio-devel libsamplerate-devel  fdk-aac-devel fltk-devel  opus-devel  libx11-devel bdwgc-dbginfo libpng-devel fontconfig-devel libxfixes-devel libxext-devel libxft-devel

Compile butt:

./configure --prefix=/usr
make -j4
sudo make install

Now run the command butt from your terminal 🎉

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