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A brief review of Madeon's new "Good Faith" album

Dec 15, 2019

Yesterday evening I just opened up my Spotify and got notified about Madeon’s new album “Good Faith”, so eager I was waiting I grabbed a listen and found it great. I must say it’s a whole lot different what Madeon is usually doing like what we saw in Adventure.

Some trivia

On /r/madeon there was a riddle to solve which was quite refreshing and introduced us to some new groups of characters like “The Architects”. Later on their logos were seen everywhere like in some visual videos for Good Faith. The beam on the album cover on the Shelter EP might imply a new album which was proven to be right.

The ingredients

Warning: Spoilers ahead

The album starts with the three songs which have been teased on YouTube first and which became different EPs which might imply that these are the important songs. “Dream Dream Dream” seems like the warmup phase, “All My Friends” seems to imply something like “Welcome back, I’m still here. Did you miss me?”. Then we are taken to “Be Fine” which in some way has a little bit of a Gospel charme to it. After these three songs we are taken to Nirvana and Mania which transition with an epic drum play. Listen to yourself, it’s truly magical.

Nirvana itself sounds like something you could lean back with and feel all the musical elements. It actually starts quite normal still, but transitions into some Fantasy-like music which then transitions to Mania. Mania then sounds pretty funky which Madeon is quite known for in the normal part. The drums which are used to transition between these songs become the high-hats in Mania later on.

Around 1:30 we hear a pretty solid and great lead which then transitions back to the drums part we’ve heard at the beginning and then ends with a big bass hit and a piano solo with some crackles which then stop and then Miracle plays. Miracle itself sounds pretty chill and something you would listen in a warm winter sweater with a cup of tea or hot chocolate in front of a chimney. Around 1:06 it begins with Madeon’s usual style we know from his “Adventure” album. The song again ends again with a piano solo and Madeon singing.

Then we continue to listen to “No Fear No More” which also sounds like a solid Madeon song. Around 2:05 we see some sorta anime-like piano and some rocky things later on. Madeon really has it with piano in this album.

After this we listen to “Hold Me Just Because” which seems like a heart-breaking song. The song begins with a snippet from some sorta sitcom and then the actual song begins playing. The song ends with some French-speaking voice snippet.

"Heavy With Hoping" seems style-wise the same from “Hold me just because”. Another sad song on the album. Madeon, are you okay?

Borealis sounds like something Daft Punk would make, but also has some sad elements. Wtf.

Closing words

The album seems to be pretty good and solid. It's been years since we last heard something from Madeon and this is just crushing it. The album was worth waiting and I can recommend it to anyone else.

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