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Rambling about the fundamental problems of IT

I’m kinda sceptical towards Tutanota, but it’s the best thing I have so far. I think e-mails will never be secure, even if you have the best encryption, because e-mails aren’t made for that kinda thing. Still I trust them with my data. If you want to communicate then use a messaging service like Riot as this one is doing everything right so far. For me XMPP never worked out, either the servers won’t accept my server and completely mess up communication and also XMPP itself is kinda ripping itself apart with PEPs. If we want secure communication it should be built from the ground up, everybody knows what Windows 10 is. I think stacking up piles upon piles of legacy won’t solve the existential crisis the computer industry has.

Speaking of centralization I haven’t found a better alternative to Cloudflare. Sorry, but I won’t fiddle around with the crappy DNS panel my registrar offers me and I have no time and energy to build my own DNS server. If someone comes up with a better idea I’ll take it. And yes, I use all of Cloudflare’s stuff they offer me, because they offer a lot to their users.

The bigger problem is that the free software movement brought us a lot of good things, but most of them can’t be real replacements to enterprise-level software. I’m not even trying to say “Linux is cancer duh”, it’s just more or less a problem we should solve.

I just want to reference Everything is broken at this point. The author describes the whole problem itself in a humorable manner.

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