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A new app called Nordcast

I made a new app called Nordcast. With this one you can listen to podcasts, follow them and much more. It even remembers where you left off so you can resume an episode any time.

Everything what you made in this app (your personal podcast list, timestamps from where you left off etc.) is saved on your account so you can just log in as before and even if you don’t want to use there’s also an option to use the app without an account. Easy as that. Also the whole app including the backend server is free software licensed under GPLv3 so you can just fork the app as you wish.

So where can you get this cool new thing you might ask. Well there’s the APK file on or you can download it right now from Google Play. A version for iOS devices will follow soon when I got the port working. For now a small fraction of people is eligible to access the iOS pre-alpha (yes, it runs that shitty there) version from Test Flight.

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